Rubber Pads

Leach Lewis Rubber Pads allow you to keep a steel tracked machine and benefit from the advantages that this brings, especially on tough terrains, but also convert the machine over to the flexibility of rubber without the need to physically change the tracks, in order to protect road surfaces for example.

City Pads

Bolted directly onto the track chain in the same way that a steel track pad would go on. They can also be recoated when the rubber has worn.

Clip-On Pads

Extremely versatile and quickly attached to the steel track via clips at either end of the pad. Useful if your steel tracks do not have pre-drilled bolt holes, they provide excellent noise and impact reduction on all surfaces.

Bolt-on Pads

Bolt-on pads have additional benefites in environments such as working close up against obstacles which may damage the overhanging ends that are part of a clip-on pad – for instance working close to railway lines. Bolt-on pads are bolted to the grouser and fixed to pre-drilled holes.

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