After exploring every possible method of how to recycle rubber tracks over the last six years, Leach Lewis Rubber Tracks now have the solution to the problem of what to do with used rubber tracks – a dedicated recycling facility for rubber tracks using only the power of water!

In conjunction with our partners Aquablast, we have developed a unique patented water jet process to recycle tracks. The jets have to reach velocities approaching Mach 3 at an operating pressure of over 55,000 psi, to break down the hard rubber compounds.

The steel track segments are recovered completely undamaged and spotlessly clean, together with totally wire-free fine rubber powder, which is then recycled into new components and sold to Construction Industry for numerous applications.

Call us today on 0845 890 6105 to get a quote on your used track recycling – you will be surprised by how competitive our pricing is against traditional landfill disposal, and at the same time do your own bit for the environment!

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