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November 2, 2015 at 14:59 by Leach Lewis


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At a time when disposing of old rubber tracks is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive Leach Lewis Rubber Tracks is promoting its track recycling service at the 2015 CPA Conference, The Future of Construction Plant Hire, held on November 4th.

Disposing of rubber tracks in Landfill has become increasingly difficult and expensive and illegal disposal, burying tracks or fly tipping, is a serious crime and opens companies to hefty fines and negative publicity. Leach Lewis Rubber Tracks has come up with a viable and cost effective solution. For a small feel Leach Lewis will ensure that tracks are completely recycled in a dedicated facility using the power of water.

In conjunction with their partners, Beccles based engineering company Aquablast, Leach Lewis has developed a unique patented water jet process that can recycle rubber tracks efficiently and cost effectively. Water jets, operating at over 55,000 psi, are used to break down the hard rubber compounds into granules or powder and to separate and clean the steel track segments and the spiral steel core.

The unique process, which maximizes recovery, is 100% environmentally friendly with no emissions, no chemicals and no fire risk. Steel track segments are recovered completely undamaged and spotlessly clean. The recovered steel is sold for recycling into products for the construction industry. The process generates totally wire-free and rubber granules or a fine powder smaller than 1.5mm in diameter with the majority of material lying in the 0.5-1.0mm size range making it suitable for a wide range of re-moulding, re-manufacturing or devulcanisation processes. The licensed and certified process provides a complete audit trail and it’s supported by the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and the EU Enviro Life Fund.

This new service meets a true customer need according to GAP Groups’ Ken Stewart, “Leach Lewis’s ability to recycle our used tracks, improving our sustainable waste management, part of our ‘Green Action Plan’ is a very important purchasing consideration”.

More details at www.llrt.co.uk/recycling/